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About This Site

Sew Uber was designed to help the beginner seamstress, just like you, who needs to understand what tools, fabrics, and resources that are available to make the best out of any sewing project.

From describing the types of sewing machines to make clothes, to discussing those timely tips so children who are interested in sewing can get started on the right foot, Sew Uber is a go-to resource for anything sewing related.

You will find out the basics so you can enjoy this exciting hobby to make clothing, home decor, and crafts for your home. We will also teach you the beginning techniques to help you hone your skills so you can one day become a professional sewist in a career setting or to open your own sewing business.

Here at Sew Uber, we will feature a wide range of sewing topics. Learn the facts about sewing machines and the types of stitches you can create. We will also feature tutorials and simple craft projects suitable for a beginner sewist that will be enjoyable to create and will help you test out your new-found skills. Also keep track of Sew Uber to learn timely tips that will help answer any question you have about using a sewing machine. This resource is suitable for children who want to learn to sew, adults interested in becoming better sewists, and older people who once learned how to sew but need a refresher course so they can return to this hobby.

We welcome comments, advice and questions from our readers about the sewing projects, sewing machine reviews, and resources that may be featured on this site and other sewing-related topics. Please don't hesitate to contact us here at Sew Uber as we may feature your questions and comments to our sewing community. This website is geared toward learning everything we can about sewing and sharing our experiences with readers of all ages.