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Make: Sewing Projects For All Levels

Let Your Sewing Imagination Run Wild with Projects for Any Occasion

Has the sewing well run dry on what types of craft projects to make? Are your friends hounding you for trinkets because they know what a great sewist you are but you simply have no gift ideas left to offer?

Have you done a range of sewing projects and now you are looking for something new that is more challenging so you can expand your skills and techniques? Get the jumpstart you need to get back at your sewing machine with these project and gift ideas featured at Sew Uber.

Here at Sew Uber, we have scoured the Internet and our craft books for those sewing projects that are suitable for sewist of all ages and skill levels. We will be featuring all these ideas on this page so that it will be easier to browse through the available sewing projects, pick the ones you like, and get instructions on how to make the craft.

In addition to featuring sewing project ideas, we at Sew Uber will also provide free patterns for you to use to help you get started. Just download or print the pattern out and you can get started making a wide range of projects that will be perfect for the home or to hand out as gifts. Find holiday sewing patterns, everyday home decor patterns, clothing patterns, children's toy patterns, sewing project patterns for classes and patterns where you can create sewing projects that would make great gifts for someone special.

Don't just put your sewing machine away once you run out of patterns in your home. Instead, visit our Make page here at Sew Uber to find all the sewing projects and patterns for any occasion. You don't have to pay any fee to use the patterns as you can make the sewing project as many times as you want. Get brand new ideas on how you can decorate the rooms of your home and what types of gifts the people in your life will love. Then you can continue to practice and hone your skills on the sewing machine while spending many hours enjoying this great hobby.