10 Fun Things To Sew For Kids

Need to practice your sewing skills and new techniques on the sewing machine? Sew these fun kids projects that will bring hours of entertainment to your child and will keep your house more organized. From blankets to dolls, you will find your child delighted by all these projects you make for them. Soon, they will patiently sit by your craft door waiting for your next creations.



Mermaid Tail/Shark Blanket

Kids can have a "swimmingly" good time when they are snuggled up in a mermaid tail blanket. You can select from a wide range of colors and styles as your child will use her imagination to take trips under the sea. This tutorial also features a pattern to make your little man a shark's blanket so he can pretend he is out on the prowl under the waves.

Found at Made For Mermaids


DIY No Sew Minecraft Pillows

Extend the Minecraft video game to your child's bedroom with this no-sew Minecraft pillow project. This tutorial lets you dress up any existing pillow in Minecraft designs of Creeper, Sheep and TNT to instantly change the theme in any room. You will also learn how to do this craft in two different ways, allowing you to try new techniques.

Found at Surviving a Teacher's Salary


Slouchy Beanie Hat (any size)

Beanie hats never go out of style and they are always so easy to customize on the sewing machine. Here is a fun tutorial to make a slouchy beanie hat for your child as it can be adjusted to fit any child's head size. Don't hamper your creativity as you could easily place on floppy ears or dragon scales to make the beanie appear like your child's favorite animals.

Found at Melly Sews


Raindrop Softie

Beat the rainy day blues when the kids are stuck inside by making these raindrop softies. Your kids can snuggle with them, put on plays or even make fun games such as seeing how many times they can toss the softie into the basket or hiding the softie for the child to find in the house.

Found at We Are Scout


Stacking and Sensory Foam Blocks

Foam blocks are one of those go-to toys for babies still learning their motion and sensory skills. These adorable foam blocks are perfect for small hands to hold, squeeze and feel the surface. What makes this block tutorial interesting is the suggestion to use embossed fabric and dot minky fabric to create a bumpy or textured surface that tiny fingers can explore.

Found at Making It Home


Reusable Snack Pack

Never let your kids miss out on snack time with these reusable snack packs. It's the perfect way to carry snacks to the park or over to a friend's house. If it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash. You can save a ton of money by not purchasing plastic bags that will just end up in a landfill.

Found at Classy Clutter


Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Feed the hungry monster your dirty laundry! This fun and functional project lets your kids have fun and keeps your house a tad neater. The hungry monster laundry bags are perfect for small bedrooms as you don't have bulky laundry baskets all over the floor. Also, the more we look at this tutorial, the more we can imagine tweaking the design to make hunger monster sleeping bags and kids' costumes.

Found at Spoon Flower  by  Samarra


Owl Masks

Set your kid's imagination flying high with these unique owl masks. The masks may look complicated, yet the tutorial is actually very simple to follow as you will be adding a wide range of embellishments to delight your child. The tutorial may even spur you to make other animal masks so your child can put on a play before bedtime. If you want to see more of these cute masks, head over to Delilah's blog


Sock Baymax Doll

How many parents have a child that loved the Big Hero 6 movie and that lovable robot Baymax? *raises hand* Well, here is a tutorial where you can make your own Baymax doll by using spare white socks when you lose the twin socks somewhere in the washer or dryer. Your child will love acting out all their favorite parts of the movie.

Found at Craft Passion


Crayon Tote Bag

Whether your child is going on a play date or on a road trip vacation, you will want to have this crayon tote bag handy. They can place all their coloring books, blank papers and notepads in the tote as they will have their crayons handy in their separate little holders on the outside. You could also possibly stow skinny pieces of chalk or markers in the holders as well.

Found at Melanie Ham

When you have kids, the sewing machine becomes your best friend as you can create so many great craft projects for your child to wear or play with during the weekends. Download a few patterns and get started. You can also get your children to sewing and help make these projects as you spend more time together.

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