Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

We are back again with some incredible sewing projects for the kids. These projects are fun, functional and just plain cute! We are featuring projects that can be used with a sewing machine, can be done by hand, or don't require any sewing whatsoever.

​Let your child be creative with these projects as they can pick out the colors and fabric that they love. Then watch them spend hours in their special sewing place making these crafts for themselves and their friends.


Freezie Cozie

Kids' hands can get cold when holding their favorite ice pops. Here is a simple yet creative freezie cozie so they don't have to use your dishtowels to have a refreshing cool treat on those warm days.

Found at Fynes Designs


Bunny Lovey

Sometimes a kid just wants to cuddle, whether they want to go to bed at night or they are not feeling very well. This bunny lovey is soft and cute as they will carry it around everywhere.

Found at Unlikelynest


Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

What is even better than animal crackers? Pillows that are shaped like these favorite cookies. The circus animal cookie pillows look almost good enough to eat as they will support your child's head when they are listening to music, playing games or watching TV.

Found at Studio DIY


Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bring on more cookies! If the circus animal cookie pillow craft placed your child in the mood to create more sewing food, here is a felt chocolate chip cookie sewing project that they can dive into. They will love passing out these cookies at their pretend tea parties.

Found at Life Is A Party


Fish Laundry Bags

Just keep on swimming with these wonderful fish laundry bags. Your child can keep dirty clothes inside or pack their pajamas and a toothbrush as they can carry it to a sleepover.

Found at Sew Can She


Pokeball Pillow

The Pokemon Go craze is upon us. If your child loves to try to "catch em all" on their smartphones, they will be thrilled to find this pokeball pillow craft. Then they can dream about catching all the Pokemon while sleeping on this pillow.

Found at Clever Little Mouse


One-Hour Floor Cushion

Making a floor cushion in an hour? The project seems daunting. Yet this project is really simply and perfect for a child that is looking for something bigger to make besides bookmarks and pencil holders. Then they can have a great cushion to use whenever they are sitting on the floor.

Found at OHOH Blog


No Sew Patchwork Pumpkins

Here is a neat little sewing project that doesn't require a sewing machine. The no sew patchwork pumpkin is a great craft to do during the fall while you wait for the real pumpkins to come into season. You can decorate the holiday table with these soft pumpkins or keep them as decorations around the house.


Doll Sleeping Bag

Kids love sleepovers. Yet their dolls should also have a place to sleep. These doll sleeping bags are perfect for a wide range of stuffed animals, baby dolls, and tiny princess dolls so they can have their own little sleeping bags to drift off to dreamland. The tutorial will even teach your child to make tiny little pillows so the dolls don't have to rest their heads on the hard floor.

Found at Kim Brancato


Drawstring Bunny Bags

There is nothing better for a child than to come home and find a nice surprise snack sitting on the table. These little drawstring bunny bags are a great project for young beginner seamstress to take on. The cute bag has a ribbon drawstring that pulls the top close to make the ears come together as the bottom of the bag forms the bunny's head.

Found at We All Sew

There you go! Here are 10 easy sewing projects for kids who are at any sewing level. They will enjoy making these crafts that are beautiful and fun to use.

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My sewing journey started when I was 7 years old, with my grandmother as my first teacher in her sewing room. I went from a career in teaching to professional seamstress and from stressed out and tired to happy and contented.


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