5 Sewing Projects So Your School Kids Are Prepared for Classes

School has started and your kids are still scrambling to have all the things they need to survive their classes. It's also the time of year where you find certain items have been misplaced somewhere in the house and you have no idea where the things are. 

Instead of searching through tons of boxes, get the sewing machine and the fabric out to create these 5 craft projects that your kids can use throughout the school year.


Makeup Bag

Trying to dig out the lip balm wedged between the school binder and the pencil set is annoying for teenagers. Here is a nice makeup bag tutorial that is just the right size for a backpack. She will be able to keep her lipstick, mascara and powder safely inside without it getting lost at the bottom of her backpack or locker.

Looking for something suited your elementary but so girlish cutey pies, you would love this project by Crystal. 

Found at Stitched by Crystal


Snack Bags

Keep backpacks and lunch bags neat and organized with these snack bag sewing projects. Your kindergartner can easily open up the bag due to the Velcro pieces as it can hold crackers, pretzels, cookies and other items. The bags have a lining that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Found at Mom Foodie


Drawstring Fabric Backpack

While your school kids might want something heavier to carry their school books and papers, this drawstring fabric backpack is perfect for their gym clothes and shoes. They won't have to push the gym clothes around at the bottom of their locker to get to their other school things. This backpack can also keep the smell of sweaty socks down to a minimum when they bring the clothes home to be washed.

Found at Hello, Wonderful by Mamoo Kids


Ribbon Bookmarks

Your kids will be bringing home a lot of homework assignments where they will have to use their textbooks to answer questions or they will have to read books for their English classes. 

Found at Sparkles of Sunshine

One of the most annoying things they will have to deal with is losing their place in the book because it was accidentally closed when they went to get a drink of water, or the pages keep flipping on their own while the book is open. You can make these simple ribbon bookmarks so they can keep the pages in place and get their homework completed in time.


Laptop/Tablet Bag

Laptops and tablets are becoming a necessary school item for kids. Kindergartners are using apps on tablets during classes to learn their letters and numbers while teens are using laptops to perform research during study hall. This laptop bag craft can keep their devices safe inside book bags so the surface doesn't get scratched up and stained by the edges of book covers, pencil points and leaky pens. 

Found at The Tip Toe Fairy

The laptop bag can also easily hold tablet devices and their smart phones so they won't forget the items on their desk in a different classroom.

When making back-to-school sewing crafts, obtain some input from the kids on what they need. You might find out that they want other items that can be easily sewn on your sewing machine, like pencil holders or smartphone cord holders. You can even teach your children how to sew these things they need. 😉

Also be aware about the amount of space that they have in their backpack. You will want to give them items that can fit inside without taking up too much room or making the backpack too heavy to carry as they also have to lug their schoolbooks and binders around.

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