Quick Sewing Projects to Amaze the Kids

When it comes to kid’s projects, sometimes the simple crafts can make a big impression. They aren't always looking for complicated things to play with and to use. Sometimes, they just want something unique, colorful, functional and just fun to make. 

Here are 5 quick sewing projects that your kids will love to make as you will love seeing their happy smiles.


Pencil Case

This pencil case is so cute and simple to make. It only requires one square of felt, a pair of scissors, a needle and some thread. Cut the fabric in the length of the pencils, sew up the other side and you are done. You can attach buttons and other trinkets to personalize it to your liking as well as to enclose the pencils inside the case.

Found at Ehow


20-Minute Skirt

Not all clothing designs are complicated to make, as is shown with the 20-minute skirt. Yet it will require measuring to get the size right, which is a technique that your child can practice on

They can also learn how to sew elastic bands into the waist of the skirt. This project can bring out a child's imagination as they can pick out the colors that they like and wear their creation everywhere they go.

Found at Raegun Ramblings


Tilda Reindeer

Your child will be able to make a full reindeer family with this beautiful tilda reindeer pattern. This tilda reindeer is filled with plastic pellets so that it can stand up on its own as your child can play with it all day. 

Found at Crafts Beautiful

While it has lots of little pieces to sew together, it really is simple to make as you are just sewing two sides together to make each individual leg and the body of the reindeer while holding in the pellets and fiber filling.


Purse Elephant

Here is another project that may seem difficult to make, yet it is a quick project to do. The purse elephant can help teach your child interesting folding and cutting techniques to turn a piece of fabric into a pretty elephant. 

Found at DIY Tutorial Ideas

You can also show your child how they can use a sewing machine to attach a zipper. Your child will be able to have their very own small purse elephant that can hold their money and other small possessions inside.


Pom Pom Bunny

You'll have bunnies everywhere when you show your kids this Pom Pom bunny tutorial. You don't have to wait until the Easter holiday to make this craft, as there is less sewing required. 

Found at Ikatbag

You can make different size pom poms by wrapping brightly colored yarn around your hand, securing the loop together, and then cutting it to make the little ends. One pom pom will be smaller to make the head. Then you can use fabric pieces and the sewing machine to make the ears that can then be attached to the pom pom with a bit of glue.

Keep in mind that every quick sewing project can be modified and changed to your liking. So if your child has a certain idea that they would like to try, you can spur their imagination and initiative to create something that is one-of-a-kind. Even if the project doesn't turn out as expected, it will still allow them to get in the necessary sewing practice they need so their skills can become better.

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My sewing journey started when I was 7 years old, with my grandmother as my first teacher in her sewing room. I went from a career in teaching to professional seamstress and from stressed out and tired to happy and contented.

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