5 Precious Tips To Help Your Child Get Better At Sewing

Sewing is a hobby that even children can get into, as you can watch them use a wide range of stitches to make hand puppets, doll's clothing and other knit crafts. As your children grow and the more they use their sewing machine, the better they can become. Yet you can help foster and increase their skills so they can create even more complex sewing crafts efficiently with more professional stitches.

Here are 5 essential tips you can use so your child can become a better sewist and feel more confident of her skills when sitting in front of the sewing machine;

1: Get Them the Tools They Need for Their Hobby

A baker can't create a great cake without all the ingredients in his kitchen. I know that at this point you have already bought a great starter sewing machine for your kids but your child cannot become better at sewing unless they have all the tools and resources available to make the sewing crafts they want. Ensure that your child has the needles, bobbins, thread, fabric, patterns, scissors, presser feet, and other items they need on hand. By having these tools easily accessible, they won't feel limited in what they can do.

2: Create a Sewing Space Just for Them

It's might be great for you to lounge on the couch while watching television as your child works on the sewing machine in the middle of the floor. Yet children at a young age can become distracted easily by something on television, what you may be doing at the moment, and other things in the room. Find a quiet place with plenty of lighting for your child to work on their projects with fewer distractions. A separate room (preferably one that you use as your own sewing room) would work well because they will have access to all the tools they need without carrying items from room to room. Yet if you don't have the extra space, then create a special "sewing corner" so they can get their projects done and not spend all their time moving around and setting up the sewing machine.

3: Organize Their Sewing Space

Becoming a better sewist requires a space that allows them to find the fabric, shears, needles and threads they plan to use instead of wasting their time rooting around piles of fabric scraps and thread spools scattered across the room. Clear, plastic bins can be stacked on movable shelves and labeled so they can hold all of their items. Don't forget to gather all the sewing magazines and pattern books in a nearby bin so they can pick out what their next projects will be.

4: Practice Sheets Can Make Their Sewing More Perfect

The more they practice, the better they become. Yet you may not want them wasting the good fabric and thread without creating any real projects. Practice sheets are wonderful ways for your child to become better at sewing until they feel confident enough to use real patterns and fabric. You can print out practice sheets right on your printer and have your child practice connecting the dots on common shapes such as circles, squares, stars and other designs.

Once they have mastered this stage, you can use the practice sheets with the sewing machine. Let them place the paper under the threaded needle and punch holes through it while following the lines. Then they can see how well the holes line up. The practice sheets are also a great way to find the right sewing speed she feels comfortable with as they will have an easier time controlling it when sewing with actual fabric and thread.

5: Be There to Cheer Them on

Sometimes the best way for your child to get better at their sewing hobby is to know that there are people cheering them on. Let them have fun with sewing projects while being involved with what they are doing. Even if the stitches aren't right and the pieces of fabric begin to fall apart, let them feel proud for trying the hobby in the first place. Then help hone their skills so they do better the next time. Don't make them feel bad about their mistakes because that is how they will learn to do better in the future. Just continue to cheer them on so they will stay interested in this hobby for the rest of their lives.

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