Best Cheap Sewing Machines for Beginners in 2017

Are you new to sewing and researching for the best cheap sewing machine for beginners? Or are you researching for an inexpensive sewing machine for a child or teenager that is made well and has all the basic functions needed to sew successfully? If so, then this article will help you with your decision. You will find information in this article about the 10 best inexpensive sewing machines that are on the market for 2017.

All sewing machines have the same basic parts whether they are computerized or mechanical, made for beginners or for the experienced sewer – the differences are their features. A sewing machine for beginners has just enough features for you to learn how to sew projects without becoming discouraged.

Learning to sew with an easy sewing machine is a good choice because you will not become overwhelmed with the multitude of features an advanced sewing machine has and honestly many experienced sewers who own advanced sewing machine do not use all the features their machine have. They mostly use the basic features for their projects.

Check out the comparison chart below for a quick review of the 10 best affordable sewing machines so you can see the differences of the machines and how they rate.

Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine for Beginners 2017

All of the models I included in the table above are very affordable and novice friendly. Any one of these sewing machines you decide to purchase will get you or the person you are buying it for off to a good start with sewing. So, check out the following sewing machine features and their pros and cons to help you find the right sewing machine that will give the best bang for your buck.

Singer 3333 Fashion Mate- Best Sewing Machines for Teens

If you are a teen or in the market for purchasing a sewing machine for a teen, the Fashion Mate Free-Arm sewing machine is for you.


  • 23 Stitches that includes basic stitches with stretch knit and decorative stitches
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Easily Adjust Stitch Length
  • 4-Step Button hole maker
  • Singer Sewing Assistance App available for download from Google Play store and iTunes.
  • Stay bright LED Lightening helps you to see your work

Of course, this machine would be a good choice for an adult new to sewing too. The Fashion Mate Free-Arm 23-Stitch Sewing Machine has a heavy-duty metal frame which provides skip-free stitching because its sturdy build. This is an attractive sewing machine that will make the beginning steps of sewing fun for a young person. Select various stitches with ease by turning the stitch selector dial.


  • Very sturdy machine
  • Simple ease of controls
  • Easy to thread
  • Owner’s class videos giving you access to assistance whenever you need it


  • Because of the heavy frame, the Singer 3333 can be heavy to tote around, especially if you want to take it to sewing clubs or classes
  • Buttonhole requires 4 steps as opposed to other machines only require one

Brother XM2701 - Very Portable and Lightweight

The Brother XM2701 is an easy to use lightweight machine that has basic stitches and more - giving you the ability to sew many types of sewing projects.

It is a lightweight machine that can easily be stored away and set up for use in your home. You can also easily pack it in a sewing caddy and transport it to sewing classes and clubs.


  • 27 Stitches which include basic and decorative stitches
  • 1 Step Auto-Size Buttonhole
  • Comes with six sewing feet
  • Instructional DVD with free technical support for the life of the machine
  • Automatic threader


  • A good machine for beginners learning to sew decorative stitches
  • Makes a buttonhole in one step
  • Lightweight for ease of portability


  • May skip stitches because it is a lightweight sewing machine
  • Tension needs to be set manually. If not set properly stitching may be too tight or too loose

Brother XM1010 -  Nice For Simple Projects and Mending

The Brother XM1010 is a full-size portable sewing machine that sews at a speed of 750 stitches per minute.

This is an attractive machine that has basic features to sew beginning projects and more. Comes with 4 pressure feet. This machine can be easily stored away in between uses transported to and from sewing classes.


  • 10 Built-in Stitches which include basic and decorative stitches
  • Full Size yet light weight sewing machine
  • Top Drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • East Stitch Selector Dial
  • Free Arm which makes sewing cuffs and sleeves a breeze
  • Bright Lit LED area for optimal visualization


  • A great sewing machine for sewing simple projects and mending
  • Easy threading with diagram on machine


  • Limited stitch selection
  • Potential challenge regulating bobbin tension

Brother LS2125I - Best Inexpensive Machine for Adult Beginners

This is the best basic sewing machine for you if you have never sewn anything in your life.

It is an easy machine that has the necessary stitches you need to sew basic projects while gaining confidence with your new hobby or career.


  • 10 Built-in Stitches which includes bind-hem, zigzag and stretch stitches
  • 4 Step Automatic Button hole system
  • Bilingual instruction manual
  • Converts easily to free arm
  • Free phone support for the life of the machine

This machine is a good choice if you plan to sew mostly alterations since it is equipped basic stitches. This sewing machine is a full-size light weight portable sewing machine.


  • Lightweight machine
  • Very easy to operate
  • Good machine for simple repairs


  • May skip stitch due to light weight
  • Minimal amount of stitches
  • Difficulty sewing heavy fabrics

Singer Tradition 2259- Sturdy Free Arm Model

The Singer Tradition 2259 is an excellent choice for a beginner’s sewing machine.

This machine allows you to gain experience customizing your stitches by adjusting the length and width. It gives you the ability to make basic projects and eventually more advanced projects. Heavy frame for skip-free stitching.


  • 19 built-in stitches
  • Easy threading
  • Converts to free-arm
  • Simple Stitch Selection
  • Sturdy Metal Frame


  • Basic machine with potential
  • Heavy frame for skip-free stitching


  • Problems with sewing multiple layers of fabric
  • Potential problems with thread tangling at the bobbin area

Singer 3223G - Amazing Basic Machine

The Singer 3223G Simple is an entry level sewing machine that makes sewing super easy and fun.

Singer designed this machine with the beginner in mind. It has all the basic features you need to start sewing and more. There are instructional videos online demonstrating how to thread and operate the machine.


  • Easy threading system with instructions printed on machine
  • A total 23 Built-in Stitches which included 6 basic stitches, 7 stretch stitches and 9 decorative stitches
  • Choose your stitch with the turn of a dial
  • Has an extra-high pressure foot to accommodate sewing with multiple layers of fabric
  • Automatic 4-step buttonhole
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Heavy duty metal frame for skip-free stitching
  • Comes with sewing machine accessories


  • Ease with sewing multiple layers of fabric
  • Easy snap on pressure feet


  • Heavy frame may make it difficult to transport
  • Will need to learn how to properly adjust stitch length and width for fabric to sew proper stitching

Singer 7258- Cheap Computerized Sewing Machine

The Singer 7258 is a computerized sewing machine that is easy to navigate for beginners.

It is known for its performance, ease of use, features and quality of design and construction. It gives you the ability to sew crafts, clothing and quilting. This sewing machine has won the consumer’s digest award two times.


  • Machine is programmed with 100 Stitches
  • Comes with 10 Pressure Feet
  • Has an easy threading system
  • Modern LED Display Screen with automatic stitch width and length
  • Convenient top drop-in bobbin with clear cover


  • Auto-pilot feature allows sewing without the foot petal
  • Build with a heavy-duty meal frame for skip-free stitching


  • Computer components can be pricey to replace
  • Problems with sewing multiple layers of fabric

Singer 4423-Best Inexpensive Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Singer 4423 is an excellent inexpensive heavy duty sewing machine for adult beginners.

It has a metal frame and produces 1100 stitches per minute that can sew heavy fabrics and multiple layers of fabrics. This is an excellent choice for an adult who plans to sew as a career or who plans to sew many projects every month.


  • Heavy duty sewing machine that produces 1100 stitches per minute
  • Has a 60% stronger motor
  • 23 Built in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic 1-step buttonhole maker
  • Stainless Steel Bed Plate


  • Sews heavier fabric such as denim without difficulty
  • Heavy metal frame provides skip-free stitching
  • Stainless Steel Bed Plate allows fabric to feed easily and evenly


  • May be hard to transport due to heavy metal frame size
  • Stitch speed may be too fast for beginners

Singer 1234- Best Sewing Machine for Kids

The Singer 1234 is a delightful sewing machine for children who are eager to learn how to sew.

It is designed with simplicity and ease for teaching beginners how to operate a basic machine. The Singer 1234 sewing machine sews 750 stitches per minute.


  • Super easy threading with a diagram printed on the machine to guide you
  • 6 Built-in Stitches with preset length and width settings
  • Comes with stitches so you can personalize your machine
  • Makes a buttonhole in 4 Steps
  • Has dual spool pins for twin needle sewing
  • Has a metal frame for skip-free stitching
  • Comes with three pressure feet

If you buy this machine, you will have an access to an Online Machine Owner’s Class where you will learn how to use your new sewing machine. You even have a teacher available at your fingertips. How cool it that! Also, the dual spool pins for twin needle allow young learner to sew top stitching and more on their projects.


  • Has a heavy-duty metal frame for skip-free stitching
  • Easy set up for quick and easy sewing


  • Very basic machine limited to six stitches
  • Buttonhole requires four steps
  • Thread tends to get stuck in the bobbin case causing jams

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty-Best Janome Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Janome 11706 ¾ Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is an adorable portable machine that has heavy duty features and suits a novice seamstress.

This is the perfect machine to take with you to college if you are living on campus or to sewing classes. This machine is also for the young-at-heart. It is certain to make sewing fun and enjoyable.


  • Has 11 stitches
  • Converts to free-arm
  • Lightweight for ease of portability
  • Beautiful design with Hello Kitty Theme
  • Nice for some quilting projects for first timers


  • Can sew basic and more advanced projects
  • Serves also a quilting machine
  • Easy snap on pressure feet


  • Four-step buttonhole vs one step for other models
  • Lightweight machine may cause skip stitches

How to Choose A Sewing Machine for Beginners

Congratulations on making the choice to learn how to sew! The task of choose a new sewing machine can be very intimidating, this buyers guide will help you to choose an affordable sewing machine that is right for you.

There are many makes and models of sewing machines on the market which can make the process of buying one very confusing. Following the suggestions of this buying guide will help to lead you to a sewing machine that is priced right and has all the features you need to complete your projects while having fun sewing. So, grab a paper and pen and jot down some important facts to consider before making your purchase.


Sewing machine prices range from under $100 to thousands of dollars. One of the first and very important facts to consider when buying a sewing machine is cost. Know the price range you can afford, set your budget, and stick to it. Sticking to your price range will lessen the temptation to look at very expensive sewing machines that are out of your price range. You will be more inclined to check out models you can afford which will make your shopping stress-free and fun.

Mechanical or Computerized

Decide whether you want a mechanical or a computerized sewing machine. Both types of sewing machines are electrical machines and will help you to sew amazing projects. Mechanical sewing machines are not programmable and have manual dials and knobs that need to be turned to choose stitches and settings.

Computerized sewing machines have stitches programmed in them and you may be able to program your own sequence. Mechanical sewing machines are a good choice to start with since you will have a good learning experience by having to manually set certain settings whereas a computerized machine have settings pre-programmed which you can access with the touch of a screen.

Type of Sewing You Will Do

Knowing the type of sewing you are going to do will help determine the type of sewing machine you need.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of sewing you will do?
  • Are you going to sew projects made from heavy fabrics such as denim or canvass most of the time or are you going to sew projects from delicate fabrics?
  • Is sewing going to be your career or a hobby?
  • Are you going to sew mostly alterations or a variety of projects?
  • Will your projects require decorative stitches?
  • Are you buying a machine for a child or teenager?

These questions will also help you to narrow down your choices. If sewing is going to be your career and most of your projects are going to be made from heavy fabrics, consider buying a heavy-duty machine that can sew through multiple layers of fabric without difficulty and can set at a faster speed. A heavy duty sewing machine is very durable and a good choice for you if you are going to sew many projects every month. If you are going to sew simple projects from delicate to medium weight fabrics, then a light-weight basic sewing machine will suit you fine.

Or, if you are going to sew a few projects a month as a hobby, a basic sewing machine with basic features will be the choice for you. You may also consider buying a computerized embroidery sewing machine if you are going to do mostly decorative and embroidery stitches on finished projects. These stitches are programmed in the machine and you also can download designs from your computer and upload them to thumb drives.

Portable or Standard Sewing Machine

Choosing a light weight or heavy metal frame sewing machine is an important choice. Sewing machines come in many different weights and sizes. There are full-sized light weight sewing machines which can be easily packed in a sewing caddy and transported to sewing classes and clubs and there are metal framed heavy machines that can be anchored into a sewing cabinet if you plan to do all of your sewing at home. A portable light-weight is also a good choice if you do not have a designated area for sewing, so you can easily store it away in between uses.


Make sure your machine comes with a standard warranty and review what is covered. You may even be able to purchase an extended warranty at the time of purchase. You will learn how to trouble shoot minor problems with your machine, however if it should need servicing, you want to make sure that major parts are covered for a reasonable amount of time.

What is the Best Beginner Sewing Machine to Buy?

For my number one choice, I pick the Brother XM2701 because it is a light-weight machine that can be easily transported. It has 27 stitches to choose from and a one-step buttonhole. Other good features are a jam-free top drop in bobbin and a built-in needle threader. It also comes with a 25-year limited warranty and free technical support for the life of your machine. This mechanical sewing machine gives you the ability to sew simple projects and more difficult projects as your sewing skills grow.

Next on my list is the Singer 3333 Fashion Mate Free-Arm. It is a study machine that has 23 built-in stitches. This machine is a good choice if you have a designated area for sewing as it can be anchored in a cabinet or kept on your sewing table. The top drop in bobbin has a clear cover so you can see when it needs to be rewound before starting a new seam. The metal heavy duty frame allows for skip-free stitches.

Last but not the least, is the Singer 7258 Stylist. It is a computerized sewing machine that is programmed with 100 stitches. This is a good choice if you plan on quilting and sewing many types of decorative stitches. You have the choice of 6 types of 1 step butthole. Automatic tension is a very nice feature. The machine adjusts the tension to the type and weight of the fabric you will be using.

Have fun shopping for your first sewing machine and have patience choosing one. Test several out before purchasing one, if you can do so. If you are going to buy online make sure to read everything you can find about the machine and watch reviews on Youtube. You will be surprised on how it is easy to find a detailed un-boxing video review of different sewing machine models.

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