10 DIY Costumes to Bring Your Child’s Imagination to Life

Children's costumes are probably on your mind this season. You might need a costume for Halloween, or for a school play that the kids will be putting on for their classmates, teachers and parents. 

​Costume shopping has gotten harder as the dress-up clothes come in too many strange sizes that just doesn't fit the build of your child. Don't fret! We have found 10 DIY costume ideas that will be perfect for your kids.


Jellyfish Costume

This jellyfish costume only requires tulle, ribbons and a whole lot of patience. You can do this project without the sewing machine as you can braid the tulle to make it look like jellyfish tentacles. Your child will feel like they are swimming under the ocean in this costume.

Found at The Hair Bow Company


Felt Animal Masks

These felt animal masks tutorial will show you have to make four different animals: a fox, a unicorn, a dragon and a deer. Yet the pattern is so easy that you can make other animals, such as removing the unicorn's horn to make a horse. These masks make the perfect DIY projects for beginner sewists.

Found at Mummykins And Me


Cinderella Princess Dress

This dress looks exactly like the pink Cinderella's dress that the birds and mice made for her so she could attend the Prince's ball. If you know of any little girl who loves this movie, or just wants to attend her own backyard ball looking like a lovely princess, then this is the perfect costume.

Found at Sunset Family Living


Star Wars Costumes

If the movie Star Wars is a big hit with your family, then the kids can dress up like their favorite characters with this simple project. You can make six different Star Wars costumes from these templates. Instead of pictures that will teach you each step of the process, there is a video that will show you how to make them.

Found at Sophie's World


Spider and Spider Web Costume

Don't swat at these bugs! These cute little spider and spider with web costumes are perfect for kids you want to have a fun time scaring the family. The template shows how to make the spider and web without needing the sewing machine (although you can always sew on the legs and the spider together if you want a more secure project).

Found at Pretty Plain Janes


Felt Crown

When the princess shows up at the palace, she will want to meet her prince. Here is a simple felt crown so you can dress up your kids so they feel like royalty.

Found at Pretty Real


Unicorn Costume

If your child wants to dress up completely instead of just wearing a mask, here is a unicorn costume that they will fall in love with. It is a no-sew project. Yet, we can definitely see places where you may want to sew things in place to keep the costume from falling apart (like the ears and the horn), especially if you have a child that loves to gallop and hop around.

Found at Craftaholics Anonymous


Butterfly Wings

Store-bought butterfly wings look complicated to make. Yet they are actually simple to sew together when using this butterfly wings template. You can dress up your child to look like a monarch butterfly or use a range of different fabric colors.

Found at Buggy and Buddy


Dinosaur Costume

The dinosaurs aren't extinct. You can have one stomping around the living room with this unique dinosaur costume. The costume is a no-sew project as you use a hot glue gun to stick the separate fabric pieces together. Yet, you can definitely use the sewing machine if you are afraid the spikes and toes will fall off.

Found at Scottsdale Moms Blog


Knight Tunic Costume

We have featured princesses and princes in this costume list. Now it is time to bring on the knights. This knight tunic project will be perfect for your child as they can create a broomstick horse to charge off into the sunset and slay the dragons.

Found at Apple Green Cottage

Most of these projects are simple and will probably only take a day, or less, to make. Also, you can increase the sizes and types of fabric that is used to make adult costumes. Then you can attend costume parties while showing off your creations to your friends. I believe that getting the best sewing machine that does the job should not break the bank as there are a lot of models that are inexpensive and yet very functional.

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