The Best Beginner Sewing Machine: Brother CS6000i Review

If you are just starting to sew and looking for the good starter sewing machine on the market, this review will show why the Brother CS6000i is the best .The Brother CS6000i makes creating fabrics, sewing clothes and producing beautiful quilts easier and more affordable than ever.

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The features of the computerized Brother CS6000i make even novice stitchers perform like experts.This review will showcase the many benefits of this great sewing machine so you will understand just how its unique features can start you on your way to sewing. You'll be creating your own clothing, fabrics and pieces of quilted art in no time.

Why Novice Sewers Love Brother-CS6000i?

  • 60 built-in stitches
  • 7 one-step buttonholes
  • 9 presser feet
  • LCD screen
  • 6 piece feed dog
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top loading drop-in bobbin
  • Free-arm
  • 25-year warranty

Don't Let The Price Stop You!

The Brother CS6000i is the best beginner sewing machine primarily because of its affordable price tag. But just because it has a low cost, you should not think it is low on features.

Sew like a PRO in no time: Wide Range of 60 Built-In Stitches

It is a computerized sewing machine, making it extremely user-friendly—with many automated features and a wide range of speed controls for those who need to go slow at the start. The Brother CS6000i also offers an astounding stitch count and stitch collection which can inspire some very creative sewing. In boasts an amazing 60 stitches!

Top Five Features Of Brother CS6000i

Whether you consider sewing a loving hobby or a true art, here are five of the top reasons you will consider the Brother CS6000i the best beginner sewing machine:



The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with a large number of very useful accessories including a push button needle control (up and down), an automatic needle threader, and handy twin needle sewing. Plus it comes with a wide worktable that makes handling quilts easy.



No Brother CS6000i review would be complete without mentioning its 60 sewing stitches that are built-in. You get 7 styles of one-step buttonholes and many, many decorative stitches too that include 7 quilting stitches and 6 heirloom stitches. You can select your stitch with the simple touch of a button, too. Easy!


Built-in Free Arm and Footers

This best beginner sewing machine features a few other touches that make it the perfect for sewing cuffs and sleeves on clothing. It allows for sewing and stitching other smaller items as well. Its footers are great too. The Zigzag presser foot, or all-purpose foot has a leveling button so you can handle thick seems.

And the Buttonhole foot helps you make buttonholes in your fabric automatically. Plus, you get the overcasting button, which can create professional seams that resist fraying. Finally, it boasts a Button fitting foot to reattach fallen buttons and a quilting foot that gives you better control of your fabric-especially thicker material.


Dual LED Light

It also features a dual LED light that makes this machine extremely useful when you are sewing or stitching dark clothing and fabrics. Believe me, it is super bright.


Automatic Needle Threader

The automatic needle threader is another feature that makes the CS6000i the best beginner sewing machine. Many new sewers find threading the needle difficult, and this feature eliminates that problem with the simple touch of a lever.

Brother CS6000i : A Quick Walk Through

The Negatives And How To Get Around Them

Of course, any Brother CS6000i review should mention any flaws as well.

  • The biggest problem to mention about this sewing machine would be that because of its price and lightweight design, the Brother CS6000i is not as "indestructible" as some of the heavy weight competitors. Be sure not use oil on this machine because it can damage it. One thing to note is that the Brother CS6000i does come with a hard protective case and a cleaning brush.
  • Some users have indicated that it might not last as long as other machines. Regular cleaning as well keeping the sewing machine in the case when not in use are two ways to help you keep the Brother CS6000i going strong for a long time.

WRAP UP: Why You Should Still Consider It?

When you combine its affordability with its many automatic features and accessories, the Brother CS6000i is truly hard to beat. With its many foots and an amazing 60 stitching, anyone can learn to sew and soon become a master at it. This product truly is the best beginner sewing machine on the market today--a great machine at a great bargain. One more reason to get this model is if you have kids eager to learn sewing with you. This is one of the starter models great for children. I always recommend it to my "mommy" friends. Get yours today and enjoy sewing like never before.

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